Alysse ripping

Many of the World Surf Leagues qualifying series surfers headed to the Sumatra last week in anticipation of the Krui Pro on the long left-hand reef break. The women were lucky enough to receive pretty consistent swell for the week, between four and six feet and pristine conditions at the tropical location.

18 year old Alysse Cooper from Manly Beach has been one of her hometown’s most promising talents as she’s grown into her surfing over her teenage years. This week she made them proud with her first WQS event win after a challenging final against Emily Gussoni and throughout the event defeating women she’s been competing against for a long time.

“I have no words right now!” Said Alysse. “I was really nervous in the semifinal, but when the Final started I was just so excited to be out there and just went surfing in perfect waves. Then I won. It’s an incredible feeling. I’ve seen so many of my heroes get carried up the beach after a win and when it happened to me that’s when it sunk it.”