About QBC

Gumby Loves QBC 

Established in 1978, QBC has grown to be one of the largest and most respected boardriders clubs in Australia, producing world title contenders, high performing ASP and WSL competitive surfers, and local standouts.

As a club, QBC has won multiple prestigious awards including Surfing Australia’s Boardriders Club of the Year. 

Monthly surfing comps include kids as young as 4,  through to an over-60’s division with both women and men well-represented.

Beyond our comps, we are active in our community arranging beach cleanups, high-performance coaching, judging workshops, a First Nations inclusion and education program, and club social events.  We also conduct regular discussion around subjects that affect our community such as mental health, environmental impact and community engagement.

QBC competes in all the major national and state club competitions, and high-performing members compete beyond this at all levels of the sport, including WSL events. Higher performing members can benefit from a sponsorship program that helps with travel expenses and competition entry. 

Situated at the northern corner of the world famous Manly beach, Queenscliff is a unique set of sand banks, wind channels and waves that deliver quality surf throughout the year.

The pink heart, first painted on the end of Queenscliff headland for the finals day of the 1984 Coke Classic, has become an accepted and loved mark of the Queenscliff Boardriders Club representing our member’s (AKA Gumbys) love for our club, our beach and our community.

QBC holds 10 contests a year , usually on the first Saturday of the month between February and December.