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New membership is by application only. Please refer to the membership page for more information.

QBC allows surfers under 16 years to surf in other clubs for experience. However, on your 16th birthday you need to choose your club affiliation – which we hope will be QBC. 

Speak with QBC committee member if you’re not sure.

As a volunteer run organisation, we expect ALL club members and their parents to help out with the running the contest days. 

Contests setup starts around 6:30am, and completes usually by around 4:00pm. Staying through those hours, when you can, is really important for both community and legwork.

Contest-days include setup, judging, BBQing, general running and organising, packdown and towing the club trailer. If you can do just a few small things on a contest day, it gives our club a real boost (and makes you feel good too).

We also appreciate people who can help on inter-club contests – particularly when their kids are competing.

We organise events that can benefit from organisers, caterers, decorators and the like. 

Many hands and minds make QBC run better.

Put your hand up and help the best boardrider’s club in the world.

First Saturday of each scheduled month is contest day.

  1. If Saturday is contestable, we WILL run.
  2. If Saturday is incontestable, we make a call from the forecast if Sunday is an optional alternate contest day.
  3. We will then make a call on the Sunday to run or not run.
  4. If Sunday doesn’t look better on forecast, we will schedule for the following available non-public holiday weekend.

If the following available weekend is not contestable, that month’s contest is cancelled.

Conditions are always changing so we need some flexibility.

We WILL run the comp if conditions are contestable, even if it might be better the next day.

If you have registered for the comp, you don’t need to re-register for alternate days.

If you can’t surf on alternate days, you should contact Gumby on email or Instagram before 8pm on the night before the contest starts.

The times in LiveHeats are  calculated on the time of the heats before, and so can change. Sometimes this changes due to the time between heats and if heats are combined to shorten our total run time. 

It’s suggested you plan to arrive well before your heat is due in the water to avoid missing it. Better yet, come down and spend the whole day.

See The 2-strike rule below.

If you register, you’re committing to coming to the comp and competing in the first round of heats.

QBC has a strict 2-strike rule. If you miss your heats twice without emailing OR Instagram messaging QBC prior to your heat, you will be removed from LiveHeats for the rest of the season and not able to register (no refund!!!).

LiveHeats has a ‘Forgot Password’ function. Try that, and if it fails, try the LiveHeats Help Function at the bottom right of the screen.

Possibly, please get in touch through the contact page.

While QBC is a custodian of the Queenscliff beach and it’s waves, our contests are run in public land and water, and regulated by lifeguards and council.

We don’t own the beach.

During contests, contest directors might ask other surfers to clear some area for us to run our heats. We also have flags on the beach that suggests to people that we have an area.

It is however STRONGLY suggested that individual competitors do not tell people to move out of the competition area. 

If you feel that a free surfer is in the way, interfering, or endangering our competitors, it is best to direct any concerns to contest directors.

Please DO NOT engage in aggressive behaviour in any way. 

We cannot allow kids to choose to move to different age divisions without being approved to move up. If you feel you are ready for a different division, please discuss it with a committee member first and we’ll take that to the committee.

We might be surfing

QBC committee are all volunteers. We’re happy to answer questions, but please read the FAQs at the top of this page before you ask.