February 2024

Feb Comp

Sat, 10 February 2024

This comp is COMPLETE

The 2024 opening comp is going to be a big one with a whole bunch of new members joining us, and opening at 7:15 with our annual Welcome to Country and Smoke Ceremony.

Waves look ok around d the 3ft mark at this stage, though a bit onshore. Nothing we can’t handle.

Set Up + Morning BBQ: U14 Boys – be there 6:30am
Pack Up + Lunch BBQ: B Grade – stay until comp is complete


First Saturday of each scheduled month is contest day.

  1. If Saturday is CONTESTABLE, we WILL run.
  2. If Saturday is NOT CONTESTABLE, we will make a call if Sunday is an optional alternate contest day.
  3. On Sunday, we will make a call to run or not run.
  4. If Sunday doesn’t look better on forecast, we will schedule for the following available non-public holiday weekend. You will have to re-register for this.

If the following available weekend is not contestable, that month’s contest is cancelled.

Conditions are always changing so we need some flexibility.

We WILL run the comp if conditions are contestable, even if it might be better the next day.

If you can’t surf on alternate days, you should contact Gumby on email or Instagram before 8pm on the night before the contest starts.