June 2023 Comp

QBC Memorial Comp

Sat, 3 June 2023

Presented by Harbord Hotel

This comp is COMPLETE



The first QBC Memorial Contest is a wrap! What a special day and night we had. Thank you to all past and present members for coming down. It was one for the books!

Big thank you toΒ @harbordhotel for your support and for hosting us.

Congratulations to all champions:

πŸ† Ben Hamilton – A Grade
πŸ† Beau Alagich – B Grade (3rd win this year)
πŸ† Nell Breslin – Women
πŸ† Ian Cooper – O60 (3rd win this year)
πŸ† Tim Posen – O50 (debut win)
πŸ† Marcus Cav – O40
πŸ† Charley Hookway – U18 Girls (debut win)
πŸ† Jordi Bray – U18 Boys (5/5 wins)
πŸ† Eli Clarke – U14 (4th win this year)
πŸ† Jack Carrigan – U12 (3rd win this year)
πŸ† Val Hudson – U10 (debut win)



QBC Memorial Contest presented by Harbord Hotel

This is a special club contest where QBC pays tribute to some of our unforgettable lost Gumbys.

Formerly known as the Adam Baker Memorial, the June Memorial Contest holds a sacred place in our QBC history as we honor those who have made a lasting impact on our club and community.

In the QBC spirit, the Memorial Contest is dedicated to honoring the lives and legacies of the following Gumbys:

Adam Baker
David ‘Horse’ Young
Duane Heketa
John ‘El Marlon’ Brandau
Rick Cale
Shun Yamamoto
Steve ‘Teary’ Garth

After the contest, we invite all members 18+ to join us for a celebration at the Harbord Hotel, starting at 6 pm. Food and drinks will be provided as we raise a glass, share some stories, and crown our first-ever Memorial Contest Champions.

Huge thanks to the Harbord Hotel for your support in running this event.

*This is a normal QBC point-scoring club contest

QBC πŸ’— 1978 – 2023

First Saturday of each scheduled month is contest day.

  1. If Saturday is CONTESTABLE, we WILL run.
  2. If Saturday is NOT CONTESTABLE, we will make a call if Sunday is an optionalΒ alternate contest day.
  3. On Sunday, we will make a call to run or not run.
  4. If Sunday doesn’t look better on forecast, we will schedule for the following available non-public holiday weekend. You will have to re-register for this.

If the following available weekend is not contestable, that month’s contest is cancelled.

Conditions are always changing so we need some flexibility.

We WILL run the comp if conditions are contestable, even if it might be better the next day.

If you can’t surf on alternate days, you should contact Gumby on email or Instagram before 8pm on the night before the contest starts.