May 2023 Comp

May Comp

Sat, 20 May 2023

This comp is COMPLETE

What a comp – that was absolutely ALL TIME! Some calling it best ever!

Whatever, it’s one for the books, and there were so many amazing performances through the day. Cannot wait to see what Mick has from behind his lens!

Big shoutout to the A-grade finalists who put on a show like none other. Uncle Austin took the gong going upside down on a beautiful  3-turn left hander. It’s his second for the year and puts him in the yellow jersey.

What’s gonna happen next? Yew!

Saturday, 20th May – May Club Contest

The call will be made at 6:30 am latest and posted to Instagram and the website. (Look for the green ‘It’s On’ labels)

Setup, BBQ and Backdown:


Opening Rounds start at 7 am.

Main Bank : A-grade
Second Bank : U10’s

Post Event get-together.

After the event, we’ll be heading to our sponsor Harbord Hotel to celebrate the Best Boardrider’s Club in the World.

First Saturday of each scheduled month is contest day.

  1. If Saturday is CONTESTABLE, we WILL run.
  2. If Saturday is NOT CONTESTABLE, we will make a call if Sunday is an optional alternate contest day.
  3. On Sunday, we will make a call to run or not run.
  4. If Sunday doesn’t look better on forecast, we will schedule for the following available non-public holiday weekend. You will have to re-register for this.

If the following available weekend is not contestable, that month’s contest is cancelled.

Conditions are always changing so we need some flexibility.

We WILL run the comp if conditions are contestable, even if it might be better the next day.

If you can’t surf on alternate days, you should contact Gumby on email or Instagram before 8pm on the night before the contest starts.