October 2022 Comp

Final Pointscore for the year

Sat, 8 October 2022

This comp is COMPLETE

Ox’s Comp Wrapup

Last Saturday wrapped up the points score for 2022!!!! Queeny was firing for the occasion and so was the talent that is QBC, Congrats to all the winners from the day on your performances some of which were under huge pressure to grab the title of their divisions. Got to love titles coming down the wire.
We ask that you help make sure the Leader Boards for 2022 are current and complete, if you were registered for any contest in 2022 and received points that you shouldn’t have that you please let us know which contest it was and we can adjust accordingly. It needs to be a fair leaders board at seasons end and we encourage honesty in this regard please.
Mick V exemplifies the QBC spirit giving tirelessly each contest and from the whole of QBC we thank you Mick, Mick’s photos bring a lot of joy to our club members and family’s so please make sure you thank Mick on your next encounter.

Thank you to all the O40’s and U18’s that gave their time to come down and complete the duties for the October Contest, we cannot run the best club in the world without you. Bravo!!!

The 2022 AGM was held after the A grade final and we wish to congratulate our incoming President’s Blaise Bell and Tim Quinn. The boy’s have been working over the last few months to make sure the transition forward is next level and that QBC will be extremely well placed in 2023. The co-presidents have some exciting advancements coming up for QBC and our community, we couldn’t be prouder of you Tim and Blaise for steering the best CLUB IN THE WORLD into the future. QBC Loves YOU
Grom Camp 2022 is next Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd at Tiona Park, the annual Cunningham’s Grom Camp is what dreams are made of for the kids and with thanks to our coaching staff and Head Coach Gezza for getting this moving forward. Thanks to Cunningham’s Real Estate for their continued support of QBC and the camp, Trudy P we appreciate the time and effort on the BBQ Breaky for the groms and parents on Saturday and Haydn M our Junior development officer for giving his time and expertise to the next generation.(schedule and costs below)
November brings us to the Ryan Alagich Tag Team event and Presentation Night(Queeny Surf Club) Ryan has been a stalwart for QBC his entire life from former world no. 1 to President to Junior Development officer in recent years and this day honours Ryan by bringing the whole club together in mixed division teams so we can get know each other instead of in our normal division’s, super fun and an outstanding way to finish 2022.

Gumby 💗 you.

(Mick’s Photos still to come)

First Saturday of each scheduled month is contest day.

  1. If Saturday is CONTESTABLE, we WILL run.
  2. If Saturday is NOT CONTESTABLE, we will make a call if Sunday is an optional alternate contest day.
  3. On Sunday, we will make a call to run or not run.
  4. If Sunday doesn’t look better on forecast, we will schedule for the following available non-public holiday weekend. You will have to re-register for this.

If the following available weekend is not contestable, that month’s contest is cancelled.

Conditions are always changing so we need some flexibility.

We WILL run the comp if conditions are contestable, even if it might be better the next day.

If you can’t surf on alternate days, you should contact Gumby on email or Instagram before 8pm on the night before the contest starts.