The comp is all day, starting at about 730am. Round 1 for u12’s is likely around 8:30am, but it can very well change.
Here’s how it works.
We take comp entries on LiveHeats. If you’re a member, then you will have an account.
You need to register for each month’s comp through LiveHeats. It’s easy – we will publish the link in an email and on the website on the Monday before each comp. Keep an eye on Instagram / Facebook as a reminder.
You go into LiveHeats, enter, and you’re in.
On the morning of the comp, we create a Heat Draw which you will be able to see on your LiveHeats account.
You’ll see the time of your heat and jersey colour on the LiveHeats dashboard. (This can change slightly as the day progresses, so keep an eye on it).
If you progress through that heat, you’ll be into the next round, which you’ll also see in LiveHeats.
We go through the age divisions all day, and depending how many people have entered, it can be 7:30am through to 6pm sometimes.
Be aware that those sports clashes aren’t something we’ll cater for – we can’t move your heat if you’re not going to make it.
QBC is only one Saturday per month, and surfing comes first.