Matt’s Wrap – July

Good afternoon to the finest humans of the Greatest Club in the World,
Thanks so much to everyone for making the Adam Baker Memorial such an amazing way to remember and upstanding human. We have to stand back every once and a while and be grateful for what we get to enjoy as a Club and community, we live and play at the best beach in the world and thanks to all for allowing us that privilege.
Mick V has once again delivered from behind the lens and we not only thank Mick but encourage all members to throw their photos up on their socials and tag QBC so we can take a look at those ripping on club days.
This Saturday is the July Contest and we will be asking for the assistance of both the O50’s and O60’s division to once again provide help for the day.
July Contest 2022 is now open on Live Heats (scan QR code attached for easy access) now until 7pm Friday Night 1st July.

Contest day:

6.30am Set up O50’s and O60’s
7.30am Heat Draw finalised
9.00 to 11.00am BBQ with O50’s and O60’s
1.00 to 3.00pm BBQ with O50’s and O60’s​
5.00pm finish
Contest days are the best day of the Month and we try to complete the day in the smoothest fashion possible, to help this along if YOU DO NOT INTEND TO SURF YOUR HEAT than please let us know via Oscar, myself or DM on socials.
Moving forward there is a 3-strike rule, if you enter or are a no show with no communication on 3 occasions then you will be banned from surfing the remainder of the Season. We need every minute of daylight we can and if we do not have to run a few heats it will make a tremendous impact on the volunteers running the day. Thanks for the understanding on this matter.
Surfing NSW are providing free judging course to all female QBC members, hit the link and let them know your from QBC
Attached below is a link to the Grom coaching doc. If you are looking for any individual coaching over the holidays, please contact the coach directly. Thanks to our sublime coaching team for all their efforts this season.
Google docs: HERE