QBC 2023 Champions

2023 QBC Rankings

Meet your 2023 QBC Club Champions!
A Grade Champ – Winter Vincent
2nd – Benny Hamilton
3rd – Austin Ware
Women Champ – Sophie Mcfadden
2nd – Audrey Hills
3rd – Charlotte Vergnolle
B Grade Champ – Beau Alagich
2nd – Bruno Vaz
3rd – Tom Brett
60s Champ – Ian Cooper
2nd – Craig Whitting
3rd – Robert Ironside
50s Champ – Steve Harro
2nd – Jonny Moeller
3rd – Tim Posen
40s Champ – Alex Macdonald
2nd – Mark Tickle
3rd – Tim Quinn
U18 Girls Champ – Dahlia Alagich
2nd – Eloise Taylor
3rd – Charley Hookway
U18 Boys Champ – Jordi Bray
2nd – Max Lechner
3rd – Theo Reardon
U14s Champ – Eli Clarke
2nd – Luke Silver
3rd – Felix Stephens
U12s Champ – Jai Wineera
2nd – Benson Wineera
3rd – Leondardo TC
U10s Champ – Hugo Collins
2nd – Freddy Hamilton
3rd – Sam Lancaster

Life Member Induction – Matt Mcsorley & Jake Sumo

Senior Club Person of the Year – Haydn Masters

Junior Club Person of the Year – Conor McCoy

QBC Rising Star Girl – Jessie Silver

QBC Rising Star Boy – Hunter Sutcliffe

Congratulations to all of Team Gumby 2023 on an incredible year.
A massive thank you to all our club sponsors for their generosity for the presso. Big thanks to Surfection Mosman for hooking up every division with prizes!
See you in 2024