Since 1978

By Roger Marshall

The club’s first contest was in Nov 1978. For the first contest there were no grades. It was 3-4’ NE peaks. David Birrell 1st, Gordon Parish 2nd, Roger Marshall 3rd.

Anyway then the contests ran with A grade and B Grade. 12 contests, all results counted.

After all that the championship was: Rob Ironside 1st, Roger Marshall 2nd, Lewis Tyndall 3rd.

The next year was 1980 and had 10 contests Rob Ironside and Peter Eastway tied for first in the A grade club championship. 1980 also saw the first age division – under 16’s started mid way through the year. It had Kingsley Looker and Scott Amon in it amongst others.

1981 saw big changes in the make up of A grade: Rob Bain, Antony Bates, Merrick Davis, Paul Burnett, Todd Ingham and Greg Dutch ascended.

1982 was dominated by Greg Dutch – he won 7 contests against the likes of Bain, Bates, Burnetti etc.

1983 was a battle between Bainy and Burnetti. Both were on the eve on going on tour. Mark Eymes moved from Avoca and became a member of A grade.

1984 saw our team win the inaugural Surf League ( held at Bondi). The team was Bainy, Burnetti, Kingsley Looker, Merrick, Grant Davis, Victor Levett, Roger Casey and one other.