Repping for your club

There’s a LOT of opportunities coming up to represent yourself and QBC competitively in the next few months.

Please have a look at the calendar here.

Apart from QBC Comps, we have all the SurfingNSW events, Surftag Series, Kirra Teams, QBC Tag Team, The ABB, The Lifeline Classic and the SurfAid Cup. There’s lots coming up.

For the representative competitions where elite athletes are needed, we’ll be speaking to individuals to find out if they’re available to compete on behalf of the club.

For the Lifeline¬†Classic (September)¬†and SurfAid Make A Wave (October) teams, we are looking for members who are interested in helping out the community by volunteering some time and effort to raise funds for these charities. There’s raffle books, surfing every day for donations, flipping snags at Bunnings and the comp, and other activities that give you the opportunity to make a difference while doing what you love – being a Gumby. (We also have a little surprise for those who help out coming soon!!)

If you signup for the LifeLine Cup and/or SurfAid Make A Wave, you will have an opportunity to make the QBC team for their 2 events. There’s about 16-20 places up for grabs, and they’ll be given to people making an epic effort for the community. It is a great opportunity to rep for the QBC team, independent of whether you’re top of the ranking or not, where you’ll get to surf heats with Pros like Connor O’Leary, Ace Buchan and Wilko.

You can join the QBC SurfAID Make a Wave team here. You can also make a donation to the team.
You can join QBC LifeLine Classic Fundraising Team here. You can also make a donation to the team, or you can buy raffle tickets online to support QBCs efforts.

We’ve got a number of QBC legends already signed up, and it’d be great to get another 20 or more members on board. (Get it? on-board – ah ha ha hmmm, um, dad joke!)