The Benches : Bryce Martiskin

For our very first The Benches interview, Gumby chucked a few questions to this year’s A-grade champion and all round frothdog, Bryce Martiskin.

This is what he reckons :

Give us your name, age & current QBC division?
Bryce, 27 y/o and A Grade

How many years have you been in QBC?
15 years

What’s your best Queeny surfing memory?
Being 14 y/o and having a perfect corner session before school that led to no school for the day. Sunny looking up at the heart.

What is your favorite QBC moment?
So many to pick from…..but I think taking A grade this year was a highlight and will be for a while. Was a great night celebrating the other winners and the world’s greatest club 45 years in a row.

What board are you riding at the moment?
Sharp eye In-ferno dooood

Who is the biggest gumby?
Harry Hyslop full stop. Not even financial.

Queeny Right Shorey or Queeny Left Shorey?

Finish this sentence. Gumby loves ….
Gumby loves the children of the future.