The Benches : Gooch

We interview one of QBC’s most accomplished competitive surfers, Ryan Alagich.

Name, Age & current QBC division?
Ryan Alagich
Age: 52
A Grade.
How many years have you been in QBC?
Became a member 1984.
What’s your best Queeny surfing memory?
Best memory would be away trips with the team.
What is your favorite QBC moment?
Winning 1991 surf league at Woonona Wollongong
Team was Rob Bain, Barton Lynch, Merrick Davis, Richie Lovett and myself.
What board are you riding at the moment?
I’m riding 5’10 Sharp Eye carbon wrap which I got from Julian/Jason which goes well in small waves and I have 6’0 Stacey which is good for slightly bigger waves.
Who is the biggest gumby?
Queeny Right Shorey or Queeny Left Shorey?
Right Shorey
Finish this sentence. Gumby loves……
Gumby loves club contest days!
Dahlia and Jordi are our 2023 U18 champions. What breakfast cereal are you feeding them?
(But seriously – any tips??)

Once your kids start surfing you need to get them and yourself down to the beach everyday its hard work and there will be resistance!

However they will get to stage where they will improve and start paddling into waves on their own and start having more fun.
Unfortunately then they will start getting you up in the morning to take them so no sleep ins.