Support your QBC Sponsors – The Harbord Hotel

The Harbord Hotel has very generously extended our sponsorship for another year. As a club sponsor, you receive a discount on any order, and a percentage of every dollar goes towards our club, helping to attend contests, support up and coming surfers, run our great contests and all the great initiatives we take on every […]

Thank you 2023! Love from Gumby.

Back in December 1978, Robert Ironside, Roger Marshall, and a bunch of locals who were obsessed with surfing the unique banks, channels, angles and swell directions of Queenscliff, ran a surfing contest. It was the start of our boardrider’s club, and from all accounts, it was a pretty loose arrangement. But if you look at […]

QBC and our Environment

At the July Contest there was something that you didn’t notice. That was the noise of the generator. QBC needs a fair amount of electricity to run our comp days, and so we’ve always used a petrol fuelled generator that we can plug into. That keeps the heat lights working, recharge the judge’s iPads, hooter […]

QBC x Beach Burrito

Gumby is super stoked to have Beach Burrito come on board as a sponsor in 2023. BB will be giving us prizes for selected division winners each month, plus discounts when you’re craving a bit’o’Mexican at their Dee Why venue. Think Puerto Escondido vibes, but without the broken board. Make sure you download the app, […]

QBC x Stone & Wood!

We are beyond stoked to be continuing our partnership with Gumby’s favourite beverage @stoneandwood Stoney has come on board as one of QBC’s major sponsors for the next three years, boosting QBC’s ability both in and out of the water. We are grateful to be partnering with such an iconic brand. Bring on 2023!

QBC x Harbord Hotel !!!

We are so thrilled to announce our newest partnership for 2023 with The Harbord Hotel! Harbord Hotel has joined the QBC family as one of the club’s major sponsors. This is a very exciting partnership that gives our club support for many of the QBC programs we have planned and getting the club together for plenty […]

The Solomons Board Run

In 2019, I was speaking to a mate about surfboards. Ian’s a water engineer, a Kiwi living near Manly, an enthusiastic surfer and a helluva good fellow. He’d just come back from a small village called Gizo in the Western Solomon Islands where he’d been doing pro-bono engineering work, mostly giving locals the tools they […]

Thanks Yeti

Thanks Yeti – awesome stuff for the club.   etc etc etc

Matt’s Wrap – July

Good afternoon to the finest humans of the Greatest Club in the World, Thanks so much to everyone for making the Adam Baker Memorial such an amazing way to remember and upstanding human. We have to stand back every once and a while and be grateful for what we get to enjoy as a Club […]