Thank you 2023! Love from Gumby.

Back in December 1978, Robert Ironside, Roger Marshall, and a bunch of locals who were obsessed with surfing the unique banks, channels, angles and swell directions of Queenscliff, ran a surfing contest. It was the start of our boardrider’s club, and from all accounts, it was a pretty loose arrangement. But if you look at […]

QBC 2023 Champions

2023 QBC Rankings Meet your 2023 QBC Club Champions!  A Grade Champ – Winter Vincent2nd – Benny Hamilton3rd – Austin Ware Women Champ – Sophie Mcfadden2nd – Audrey Hills3rd – Charlotte Vergnolle B Grade Champ – Beau Alagich2nd – Bruno Vaz3rd – Tom Brett 60s Champ – Ian Cooper2nd – Craig Whitting3rd – Robert Ironside 50s Champ – Steve Harro2nd – Jonny Moeller3rd – Tim […]

2023 Season – what you need to know.

We’re about to kick off the 2023 Season, and if you’ve registered as a QBC member then you’re about to launch your competitive selves into a year of hard-fought battles at your favourite beach. It’s the 45th year of QBC, and we want this year to be next-level for our members. For that, your committee […]

Ox wraps up

Good afternoon electrifying members of QBC, We wrapped up 2022 in style with the Ryan Alagich Tag Team Day presented by Yeti and congrats to the winners, Team Samson. We must say the display of leadership from our Team Captains across all teams were exemplary. So cool to watch the growth of not only surfing […]

Matt’s Newsletter

Good Afternoon to the magnificent, Only a few weeks left of the QBC 2022 season and its vital to look closely at the info below so you can be involved in all the exciting upcoming events. Huge congrats to all the QBC Next Gen Groms that competed in the Woolworths Grom Comp over the weekend, […]

QBC Newsletter 26/9/2022

Good afternoon Team Gumby, The October Contest will also be the Annual QBC AGM from 5pm at the contest site just after the finals.QBC last points score for 2022 is next Saturday the 8th October, the last chance to climb the all-important points ladder or bragging rights till next season. Liveheats will be open from Monday […]

Matt’s Wrap – July

Good afternoon to the finest humans of the Greatest Club in the World, Thanks so much to everyone for making the Adam Baker Memorial such an amazing way to remember and upstanding human. We have to stand back every once and a while and be grateful for what we get to enjoy as a Club […]